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Why Run?

Updated: May 15, 2020

Let me count the ways of how beneficial running can be. So many reasons to start or re-start.

with covid19 lingering these days, hygiene, healthy food choices and exercising have been a top priority.

So why not let running be your go to exercise or physical activity?

Its about sticking with it!

before I started my running journey approximately nine years ago, I enjoyed playing basketball and going for an occasional hike, and would get winded fairly easily. I had no endurance and thought it was just the way things were to go as I was in my 30's. Little did I know that running not only helped me become more efficient on the court but it challenged me like I had never been challenged before. My desire to give it my all for at least a month paid off as I felt more energy overall daily. As the years went by I quickly realized my immune system was much stronger. Without fail, twice a year, I had a two week battle with flu like systems or an allergy related cold with all the fixings of sore throat, stuffy nose and pink eye on occasion. it was no fun. I realized when I started running I would rarely get these symptoms. I could feel my body getting stronger as I continued my running journey. what a blessing and joy it was to be able to continue my efforts at the same time learn how to run with proper form and incorporate strength training and stretches. I encourage you if you haven't already, to make these changes. They key is to stick with it and dig deep. I guarantee you will feel a difference.

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