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Johan Meyer, Namibia, Africa
Active for Christ Virtual Runner:  May / June 2020

One morning I was doing a long run, and like always, I was chatting with God while enjoying another amazing sunrise in Namibia. An idea "came to me" that I needed (or wanted) to combine running and praying in a sort of fast. I thought "Hey, maybe I can run a mile every hour for 24hours and pray for those 8 / 9 min". When I arrived back home I told my wife about the idea, and then forgot about it. A day or 2 before the Active4Christ virtual run I felt an urgent need to do the 24hr run on that Friday and Saturday. The Sunday was Pentecost, but I didn't even think about that. I asked God what I should pray for, got a couple of Bible verses to meditate on and got up early on the Friday morning to get the prayer run started. My plan was to run about 1.8k every hour for 23hours and then finish with the Active4Christ 10k during hour 24... All whilst praying! And so I started - praying and running every hour. I'm a teacher, so I had to "teach" between runs as well :-)


I didn't want to "advertise" what I was doing, but I did tell some people about my 'fast" and asked them to pray for me and to let me know if they had any prayer requests. Amazingly I received numerous requests, from all over!!! I started doing the math, and realized that I will be running just over 50k in the 24 hours - a very significant number seeing as that weekend was Pentecost - the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, 50 days after Passover!!! That became my main prayer focus - that God would pour out His Spirit!!! It was an incredible time spent with Him! After about 18 hours (12 at night) it started getting really tough - it's winter in Namibia, so it was cold, it was dark and it was quiet!!! I have to admit - the last 10k was probably the hardest 10k I've ever run!!! But it was all for His glory, and that's what got me through it. I'm amazed of how God led me to pray for certain people, and I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with him during those 24hours...


So now the question is - what's next?! I'm thinking a 10x 10k every 10 hours prayer run... 

Written by:  Johan Meyer

Kathryn Schmidt, Boerne, Texas
Active for Christ Member and Virtual Runner:  May/June

There are so many kind words to use to describe Kathryn Schmidt.  From the beginning, Kathryn expressed great enthusiasm to help us with creative ideas in sharing our mission and vision.  My wife and I enjoyed our conversation with her a few weeks back and hope to catch up with her again soon.


We are grateful that well over a month ago, Kathryn became our first Active for Christ Member!  We are honored that you have invested in our mission and vision to share the love of Jesus Christ through running with endurance and praying daily.


Part of our mission and vision includes UNITY.  When you see her family get together and run/walk with one another, that is truly a gift and encouragement to see.  We should all strive to get family together to activate physical exercise and spiritual activity.  I know I need to do a better job.


Many thanks to you, Kathryn for your faith, encouraging words and sharing your love of Jesus with us all.  Here is something she shared on a post not too long ago which I really enjoyed reading:


"In my prayer this morning I just kept coming back to being in Step with Him by lining up with His Word. As parents, we teach our children to " stay in step" with us and that they really do not need to beg for the things they need. If I'm "in S.T.E.P." with Abba, I do not have to beg either. 🔸️S🔸️ Seek Him 🔸️ T🔸️ Trust Him 🔸️E🔸️ Endure with Him 🔸️P🔸️ Pray/Speak with/to Him. 


So good!  When we trust God and are in STEP with Him we will never be in need.  Jesus is all we need.  Amen!

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