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We have a race that we run daily!  Running with Endurance a race that is set before us keeping the faith that Jesus is our provider from begining to end.  We know that in order to perservere we must Pray without Ceasing and stay diligent in our spiritual walk and relationship with Jesus Christ.  Combine these two together:  Running + Praying = Blessings!  Get your Run Pray Daily shirt today and sign up for our 2022 Run Pray Daily challenge anytime in 2022 and earn 2022 points.  Shirt is green - 100% poly unisex

2022 Active for Christ / Run Pray Daily T-shirt

  • email us at to let us know if you would like a long sleeve, shirt sleeve, sleeveless or women's shirt.  Also let us know if you have a preference of light or dark colors or bright or pastel and we will match as close as possible.  Also let us know if you would like 100% poly, tri-blend or 100% cotton.

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